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The safety and comfort of children and infants are of utmost importance to us. We offer a number of services and facilities to make sure that travel for you and your children are as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. Please see below for more details:
Changing of Diapers
Diaper changes are not permitted in the cabin. Baby-changing facilities are available in the toilets on our Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
Seating Arrangements
Infants not occupying a seat are usually charged an infant’s fare and/or taxes and surcharges. If you would like the infant to occupy a seat, you will need to purchase the child’s fare.
Seat Belts
Onboard the aircraft, the adult is required to hold the infant for the duration of the flight except in the case where a seat has been purchased for the infant. An infant loop belt is provided onboard to strap the infant to you. The use of a car seat is permitted except during take-off, landing and during air turbulence.
Infant/Kid Car Seats
This facility is available to parents or guardians who have purchased a seat for the infant. The infant must be between six (6) months to under the age of two (2) years and not exceed 18 kg. or 39.7 lbs. in weight. The car seat cannot be used in bulkhead seats or seats that will block access by a person to the aisle of the aircraft, emergency exit row, or the row forward or aft of an emergency exit row.

The car seat must also conform with approved FAA/CAA requirements:
FAA/CAA standards include:
  Those approved by FAA and certified for use in motor and aircraft under the standard FMUSS No. 213.
  Type 2040-1 Care Chair
  Seats manufactured under the United Nations with the label indicating
It must be designed to be secured firmly by means of a single lap strap to face in a forward or rearward facing position
Must have a well-defined shell and where there is a separate shell, and under- structure they must be securely attached to each other
Must be of such a design that a child can easily and quickly be secured in or removed from the seat
Must have a single release type harness, which at least secures a child's lap, torso and shoulders. Harness straps must be a minimum of 1 in. or 22 mm. wide
Lift type adjusters on the harness straps must be of the type that requires positive angular lift to release. The single release device for the harness of the safety seat must be of such a design as to prevent unreasonably easy release by the child occupying the safety seat
A physically able parent or guardian has to be seated in the seat adjacent to the car seat, and only one car type safety seat is permitted in the same row.
Bassinets & Sky Cots
At this time, detachable bassinets or cardboard type infant cots are not available on any Caribbean Airlines aircraft. When travelling with an infant the only other approved means for travelling is the use of an infant loop belt, or a forward facing FAA/CAA approved car seats.
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