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Airport to Airport Service
Caribbean Airlines JETPAK provides Airport to Airport service to and from its online Caribbean destinations and to and from Miami,New York,Ft Lauderdale and Toronto
Caribbean Airlines JetPak Small Packages Service
Caribbean Airlines JetPak Service is an Express Small Package Service that offers speedy and reliable Airport to Airport/Door to Airport/Airport to Door and Door to Door delivery of your urgent small shipments. This service is especially useful for the urgent transportation of your business documents, parts for repairs, medicines and internet purchases. 
Door to Door Pick up & Delivery Service within the Caribbean
Door to Door pick up and delivery services in partnership with EZONE Internet Shopping Delivery Services is available for small packages from your home or office and delivery to the following Caribbean Airlines destinations: Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago. This is a developing service and will expand over time to include the entire Caribbean and North America.
Jetpak Contacts for Door to Door Pickup and Delivery
POS + 1 868 626 2345
BGI + 1 246 425 8555
GEO + 592 227 1806
KIN + 1 876 881 7489
TAB + 1 868 660 8116  
How to Jetpak!

This is a simple procedure:

Tender your package at least four hours prior to flight departure
Fill out required documentation (N.B. All items should be accompanied by a CARICOM Invoice with the exception of documents).
Ensure consignee \ shipper \ address \ telephone contact is clearly marked and labelled on your package.


The relevant JETPAK airwaybill must be filled out in its entirety by the Agent in conjunction with the shipper, which will include:

The shippers full name, address, telephone contact and copy of any picture ID
The consignees full name, address and working telephone contact in the destination country
A description and the weight of the item
The value and / or acceptable invoice of the item
The shippers signature verifying all the information and agreement of the terms
The agent’s signature verifying payment and receipt of the package in accordance to all of the stipulated policies.
Shipper’s Declaration


The maximum weight of each piece needs to be 32kgs or 70lbs. Multiple pieces per shipment will be allowed as long as they are to be delivered to the same destination and are basically the same commodity. 


Each piece shall not exceed 158cm or 62 inches in overall dimension of Length + Width + Height.


Airport to Airport shipments shall be made available to the customer or their customs broker at the earliest opportunity after actual flght arrival. This may vary according to destination and customs requirements.


Caribbean Airlines JetPak product will only be available on a PREPAID basis. Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards or shipments on account (credit) are acceptable forms of prepayment.


Customers must tender Airport to Airport shipments for transportation at the Cargo & JETPAK offices at least three (3) hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the desired flight. All shipments must be inspected prior to accpetance. Customers are advsied all packages should be left open for inspection.


Gold or bullion
Human remains
Live animals


Pick up and/or delivery at our online points will be available as an option and subject to additional charges.

What makes us different?
We offer competitive rates making this service the most economical way to send your small packages. Please call your local Caribbean Airlines JetPak office for information or email ( email your local Caribbean Airlines JetPak office ) for further information.
Why Jet Pak?
We offer competitive rates making this service the most economical way to send your small packages
We deliver the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than our competitors
Our Daily flights and Frequency affords us opportunity to offer next day delivery to the launch areas
For more information on Shipping your Dangerous Goods, contact your local Caribbean Airlines Cargo office

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