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Caribbean Airlines Cargo has developed a complete air and ground network. We have achieved this through dedicated and improved freighters services, frequent line flights and punctual interconnecting truck schedules. These alliances give us the opportunity to strengthen and expand our presence and allow us to access lucrative markets more effectively - Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver via Miami, are just a range of the destinations we offer.

Caribbean Airlines Cargo is the preferred carrier for the exportation of fish to outside the Caribbean. Twice a week we move at least 150,000 tonnes of fish to Miami, as far as Los Angeles and beyond.

Requirements for exporting your fish and seafood on Caribbean Airlines Bulk Load Aircraft- B737
Packaging Required
The following list details the minimum packaging requirements for the transport of chilled fish on all Caribbean Airlines aircraft:
  Styrofoam boxes with a minimum density of one pound per cubic foot
Inner Packaging
  Double inner liner of polyethylene bags -0.05mm thickness
Inner bags must be properly taped or sealed masking tape is not accepted
Outer Packaging
  Boxes/container covers to be properly secured
Single outer liner of polyethylene bags 0.05mm thickness
Outer bags must be properly taped or sealed masking tape is not accepted.

 While the above are the minimum requirements, we do suggest that the shipper(s) observe the following measures as an added precaution:

All carcasses are to be properly drained before placing inside the boxes
The gel packs should be of a thick gelatinous consistency, frozen water or thin solutions will not be accepted. Also, the packs must be properly sealed to avoid leakage
Sealing tape, fibre-tape or heat sealers are to be used to secure both the outer and inner plastic bags (liners)
Acceptance Requirements
At time of tender all shipments will be inspected to verify compliance with packaging requirements. Shipments will be refused if found wet, leaking or emitting strong odour.
Reserving Air Transport

Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Contact Caribbean Airlines Cargo Customer Service Department and provide the following information:

The date you plan to forward shipment
The number of pieces and gross weight of shipment
The type of product ( live, fresh, frozen )
The destination
Documents required for exporting
License from the Ministry of Agriculture
Shipping bill
National photo I.D.
For more information on Shipping your Dangerous Goods, contact your local Caribbean Airlines Cargo office
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