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Some Dangerous Goods are too dangerous to be carried on passenger aircraft, others may be carried on cargo aircraft only, and some are acceptable on both cargo and passenger aircraft. Dangerous Goods fall into nine classes and three packing groups if applicable, with detailed packing instructions to ensure cargo as well as passenger safety.

As part of its normal operation, Caribbean Airlines will screen Dangerous Cargo and reserve the right to open and inspect any consignment that is presented for shipment.

It is a violation of law to tender cargo containing Dangerous Goods that have not been properly declared, identified, packed, marked, labeled or documented to any airline. Failure to properly identify and tender Dangerous Goods may be subject to legal penalties and a prison sentence.

Some descriptions that may require more complete information include, but is not limited to, Household Goods, Chemicals Cylinders, Medical Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory Testing Equipment, Fuels, and Personal Effects.

Procedure to Ship Dangerous goods image
1. Contact Caribbean Airlines Cargo Customer Service Department as Dangerous Goods are accepted subject to advance arrangements and space booked / confirmed from departure point to final destination.
  Provide the following information: 
a. Date you plan to ship 
b. Number of pieces / weight 
c. Type of product 
d. Destination
2. Complete two (2) copies of the Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods and submit any other applicable documentation along with the Dangerous Goods. These forms can be obtained from our cargo office.
3. You must ensure that the articles or substances are not prohibited for transport by air, and that all substances are properly identified, classified, packed, marked, labeled and documented in accordance with regulations. Regulations may vary on different airlines so while you may be aware of Caribbean Airlines regulations if your items are interlining, it is important to find out the other airlines' policy regarding Dangerous Goods.
4. Please contact your local testing facilities (e.g. in Trinidad it is Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) if you are not sure your item is a Dangerous Good.
International And Local Requirements image
image Certain markings and labels must be placed on the packages; they include hazard and handling labels, the shipping name, the United Nation’s number and the Shipper’s and Consignee’s name and address. This is all part of the proper marking and labeling process.
image A container or receptacle for liquids must not be entirely filled; enough space must be left in the receptacle to ensure no leakage will occur as a result of expansion of the substance from temperature or pressure changes.
image Avoid packing Dangerous Goods in the same outer packing with other dangerous goods that can react with each other and cause any of the following :
  Combustion or create considerable heat
  Flammable or poisonous gases
  The formation of corrosive substances
  The formation of unstable substances
image Containers that can break or puncture easily must be packed with adequate absorbent material in a strong outer packaging and suitably cushioned to prevent breakage.

 Our team at Caribbean Airlines Cargo has undergone intensive Dangerous Goods training. Equipped with this knowledge we provide proper acceptance, storage, loading, inspection and provision of information - criteria, which are accurately met and strictly adhered to. You can be sure all persons involved are never put at risk.
Caribbean Airlines reserves the right to refuse any shipment that could possibly contain undeclared or improperly prepared Dangerous Goods.

When air-freighting with Caribbean Airlines, we will do our best to ensure your goods arrive in the time frame you specify. You can expedite this process by completing all the security and other necessary documentation completely and accurately. For additional information concerning air-freighting Dangerous Goods, please visit

For more information on Shipping your Dangerous Goods, contact your local Caribbean Airlines Cargo office
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