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New Criteria for Qualification for Tier Status

Effective 01 January, 2011, your qualification for tier status has been calculated based on the value of the flown miles added to your account for the calendar year in which the miles are being actually deposited.

Miles flown in the previous year which may have not been recorded at the time of travel will be added to your miles to tier qualification for the year in which the miles are deposited*.

Please note that miles transferred from one account of a member to another account belonging to the same member when accounts are merged, will only be included in the computation of tier eligibility if the transferred miles were accrued in the current year. 

*Miles can only be awarded to an account retro-actively, when request for retro-credit is received no later than six (6) months after travel date.

Third Party Authorization

The Caribbean Miles Third Party Authorization Process has been streamlined for greater efficiency and security. 

With immediate effect, all Caribbean Miles Frequent Flyer members wishing to redeem miles for a ticket for a person other than themselves are required to digitally complete and remit a "Third Party Authorization" form, together with scanned copy of picture ID with signature. Access "Third Party Authorization" form here. 

Members also have the option of utilizing our counter services at all Caribbean Airlines city ticket offices to submit the required documents in person, which can then be relayed to the Caribbean Miles Service Centre for filing. 

Limitation of Reward Tickets 

Reward travel is provided only for the specific airline named on the reward ticket. In the event of a flight irregularity, (change in flight times or cessation of flight service), reward ticket holders will not be eligible for amenity, hotel payments or re-routing on another airline.

Customer Service Tip :

In order to have frequent flyer miles automatically credited to your account, the name on the account must match the name on your travel documents exactly. Be sure to advise the Miles Service Centre when you have had a change in name.

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