Be sure to note the following restrictions on boxes, excess, oversize or overweight luggage as these items
are not allowed as baggage on any Caribbean Airlines flights during the following travel periods:

Hand Baggage and Baggage Embargo

Baggage Embargo for 2014/ 2015:

Baggage embargo period for Christmas 2014/2015 is December 13th, 2014 to January 4th, 2015. During this period, policies with regard to the non-acceptance of boxes, excess pieces, excess weight, etc. will be strictly enforced.

Hand Baggage:

One carry-on piece is allowed not exceeding 45 inches in total dimensions and 10 kg in weight. A purse, laptop bag, or briefcase not exceeding 36 inches in total dimensions can also be accommodated.

Please ensure all handbags taken at the gate are correctly tagged and labeled, all valuables and medication must be removed.

Note: The established is applicable to all Non-Revenue, Space Available customers

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