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Account Pooling – FAQs
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    • What is account pooling?

Account pooling is a facility which allows 2 or more members to link their individual account to a designated master account for purpose of accruing miles jointly.

    • How do I join an account pool?

You may be invited to join an account pool as a member or you may start your own account pool by inviting other Caribbean Miles account holders to link their account to your own. You will be required to visit to access and complete the “Authorization to Link account” form.

    • Is there a fee attached to linking my account to a “master” account?

Currently, there is no charge to link your account to a “master” account or to have other members link their account to yours.

    • May I choose to pool just some of my miles?

All miles earned prior to your account being linked to a master account will be retained in your account, however, once your account has been linked to a master account, all miles earned through flight, partner or bonus transactions will be automatically transferred to the “master” account. Soon enough, the “master” account holder can redeem those miles for a ticket for any member of the pool selected or any other person that you may decide to “gift” with a reward ticket.

    • May I open a separate account whilst retaining my link to a master account?

No. All Caribbean Miles members may only have one Caribbean Miles account, however, you may choose to “unlink” your account at any time. Miles earned whilst your account was linked to the “master” account that have been previously credited to the “master” account may not be reclaimed.

    • May I opt to join more than one “account pool”?

No. A member account may only be linked to one other account which will be then considered the “master” account to which all miles earned by the member post activation of the link will be automatically transferred.

    • What are the benefits of joining a pool?

Joining an account pool allows members to earn qualifying miles for reward redemptions faster and more easily. Miles are less likely to expire prior to attaining the required number of miles to complete a redemption. Within a group of persons, this can substantially reduce the cost of a planned trip and/or allow members to decide which person they would like to “gift” a reward ticket.

    • Is there a limit to the number of persons who may join an account pool?

No. There is no limit to the number of persons who may join an account pool.

    • Is there a limit to the number of miles that may be accrued in an account pool?

No. There is no limit to the number of miles that may be accrued in an account pool.

    • Are there any restrictions to who can join an account pool?

All active members of the Caribbean Miles frequent flyer account programme can opt to be linked to an account pool. All active members of the Caribbean Miles frequent flyer account programme can opt to be linked to an account pool once relationship is identified on application form submitted.

    • Are 7th Heaven Rewards members eligible to form an account pool?

No. The 7th Heaven Rewards programme is hosted on a different system which cannot accommodate the pooling of miles at this time, however, it is something that we are working on for the near future.

    • Do you need a minimum number of miles to join an account pool?

No. All that is required is to authorize linkage of your account to a master account. Once accounts have been linked, all activities posted to your account will be transferred automatically to the designated master account. All miles held in your account prior to joining a pool are retained in your account.

    • May each person in an account pool nominate a different person to give a rewards ticket?

Yes. However all requests for reward redemptions must be channeled through the master account holder and if beneficiary is not the master account holder, he/she will be required to complete and submit a third party authorization document before the redemption request may be processed.

    • How can I unlink my account after joining a pool?

You can unlink your miles account from an existing pool by contacting the Caribbean Miles Services Centre here via e-mail at However miles that have been previously transferred from your account to the master account may not be reversed. It will take a minimum of 3 business days to process your request.

    • Who will be the master account holder?

The master account holder is to be decided by the parties involved. A member may choose to invite persons to link their account to his account. He will then be the master account holder or a member can request to have his account linked to a designated master account. In all cases it is the person who is not the master account holder that will be required to complete the Authorization to Link accounts form found here.

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